Real Time Architectural Visualisation

Visual solutions for the built environment

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Transform Knowledge

Into Creative Potential

At DomiFormi we celebrate those who are different as we know that, it’s those who stand out from the crowd that attracts attention. Unique in our approach and deliverable, our clients benefit from our continued curiosity and commitment to reinvention. Using Real time Architectural Visualisation, where possibilities are endless.

One package. One price. Everything you need.

The “Dom” package is DomiFormi’s complete VR sales solution for residential developments. Fantastic quality, impeccable service and great value are guaranteed to give you peace of mind. Includes everything you need to create a complete visual sales experience:

  • VR real-time experience
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Beautiful animations
  • Interactive maps
  • Models and floor plans to scale
  • Social media optimised content

Real Time Architectural Visualisation

Throughout our collective experience, we’ve seized every opportunity to work with inspiring and talented people including designers, architects, programmers, developers, sound engineers, 3D artists, art directors and producers. We believe talent drives a company’s success.

First of all we strive to use a Real Time Architectural Visualisation. As a result we are able to simultaneously make changes without increased rendering time.  Also we work closely with you and your whole team to ensure all details are accurately realised, to a standard that mirrors your vision. Because of Real Time Architectural Visualisation we are able to provide  regular updates and previews, so you’ll see our progress at each stage instantly and we guarantee we’ll meet your expectations.

Finally from beginning to end, we place ourselves as part of your team. This approach means we’re able to be responsive to the needs of your project and keep consistent communication with all relevant contacts for the duration.

Are You ready?

We’re as approachable as we are creative. If you’re interested in talking to us about a new project or want to find out more about our studio, please contact us.

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No challenge too big, no detail too small.

As a team, our talents traverse design, technology, artistry and creative direction. These skills enable us to interpret ideas like no other, communicating them in a way that is awe-inspiring yet informative. Unimaginable experience, but so convincing.

We have a global perspective.

DomiFormi encourages dialogue and debate to transform individual knowledge into realised creative potential. We drive technology to deliver outcomes which reinterpret the idea of human perception within architectural visualisation. Spanning kinetic sculpture, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D mapped projections and film, with an end product that is truly immersive.

We help sell new developments.

Stakeholders, decision-makers and purchasers. We create virtual experiences that will convince them of the future success of your vision. Our unique skill set allows us to develop accurate and demonstrative content for all development types making your pitch highly persuasive.

From planning stages to Marketing.

Selling your new development, whether to stakeholders or purchasers, will require sophisticated visual tools to explain complicated, sometimes abstract ideas. We’ll make that process not only achievable but enjoyable. Want to see how? Take a look at some of our projects.

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