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At its core, DomiFormi believes in the virtues of exchanging ideas, transferring knowledge and sharing our enthusiasm. We think architecture should be socially engaging, an approach nourished by continually evaluating the service we provide and ensuring the human experience is our priority.

We’ll work from your architectural sketches, drawings or models, to create photorealistic 3D images, walkthroughs, flythroughs and immersive VR environments to be used for planning and consultation through to marketing. We’ll deliver a comprehensive suite of high-quality visuals, VR environments and practical applications, tailored to your one-of-a-kind project.


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VR Real-Time Interactive Tours and
VR 360 Panoramic Walkthroughs

  • Fully interactive VR experience of your development
  • Turn lights on and off – your viewers can choose how they see your product
  • Control depth-of-field, allowing you to focus on critical elements
  • Move objects around, open doors and windows, and rearrange furniture
  • Cut through buildings to include cutaways and infographics for a dynamic presentation
  • Reveal information about a master-plan with a phase-by-phase transformation
  • Add real surroundings, sounds and movement of nature, or anything else you can imagine
  • Exportable as an interactive app or packaged for major platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS and Web/HTML
  • VR experiences that are supported by VR devices including Oculus Rift and Gear VR
  • Compatible with laptops, desktops, iPads/tablets, Smartphones & in-situ site display units
  • Share your project online with website friendly content that is very easy to integrate


What Virtual Reality & Interactive's Could Do For Your Business?

Virtual Reality is a beneficial way of engaging with clients, customers and stakeholders. Seeing your proposal in a virtually rendered presentation will give you complete confidence that all parties have fully understood the implications. No longer are you constrained by single views or a fixed camera path, with our interactive real-time rendered scenes, you have full control over the experience. It will create a compelling experience to give an intuitive understanding of the development and leave a lasting impression of your project.

Real-time 3D Architectural Visualisation is our speciality; we love it because real-time rendering brings designs and concepts to life, unlike any other technology. We use the Unreal Engine, which uses physically based rendering that allows us to create scenes with photo-realistic lighting and textures. And, the way in which space, scale and materials appear are incomparable with any other medium. We take game technology to the next level – the same development engine has been used to create many well-known video games.

As part of our VR package, our team will train your sales staff to be able to quickly and confidently roll out VR across their suites, giving them the ability to offer the experience to potential buyers. For the those who would prefer not to use the VR goggles, the standard iPad/laptop/in-situ display solution is always available, and still incredibly useful as a sales tool.

dining table blue and grey candles plates plant and two paintings on the dark wall cgi corona renderer



External CGI, Internal CGI,


  • Still Internal & External CGIs for Marketing Campaigns & Planning Applications
  • Verified Views (AVRs/VVMs)
  • Competition Images
  • Aerial Photo-Montages (Helicopter & Drone Footage etc.)
  • Visuals for Marketing Brochures
  • Visual content for Marketing Suite devices such as Model Control Apps
  • Vignettes & Detail Crops
  • Large-format installation images – for example, large backlit LED prints for site
    installations and marketing suites


What CGI Could Do For Your Business?

Our vibrant, photorealistic CGI environments will show your clients exactly what a new building will look like before building starts. We have a wealth of experience and know-how in producing high-quality CGI renders for all types of new property developments.


We provide on-location photography to capture a collection of high definition shots, as well as working from your architectural drawings. We then combine our finely detailed 3D models with photographic imagery to craft high-quality, photorealistic renders allowing you to view your development long before building begins. Offering both day and night time shots, we display your project in all light, showcasing the best of its design and highlighting its features.


Alongside external shots of your proposal, we offer an internal CGI service that can capture the look and feel of the interior spaces. Whether you need an individual room or a complete apartment/house, we use the floor and architectural plans alongside elevations, sketches and materials, to produce a rendered scene complete with internal furnishings and external views.


We’ll create beautifully realised 3D floor plans with a photorealistic design, ensuring that the look and feel of your project are accurately displayed, perfect for both residential and commercial units. Combined with the internal CGIs, this approach provides a much more compelling way to present your project.


For Future


Film and Animation

  • Interior and Exterior Fly-Through/Walk-Through Animations
  • Infographic Animations for model control apps, marketing suites and planning applications
  • Time-lapse Animations
  • CGI and Drone footage composites
  • CGI and Aerial helicopter footage composites


What Motion graphics Could Do For Your Business?

With an extensive background in digital animation, we have the know-how to provide incredibly detailed fly-throughs in a unique and evocative way to highlight essential elements of your design, as well as create a compelling experience that flows seamlessly from one scene to the next.


Infographics, Websites, Scale Models and Other Media

  • We create branding packages, design signage and marketing assets
  • We build fully responsive website, mobile applications with integrated Infographics
  • 3D mapped projections on buildings or interiors
  • Craft beautiful scale models for your marketing suite


What This Could Do For Your Business?

We understand that having the edge over your competitors is essential. We provide a multitude of extras that can give you just that, from branding packages to scale models from Projections to installations… Different approach yields outstanding results.