How we work with our clients.

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Our design approach is rooted in research, pushing creative boundaries, and focusing on producing ground-breaking results. We believe that creating memorable and usable spaces in a virtual reality is a process of exploration, experimentation and evaluation. The context of each project in its broadest sense is crucial to us, and we want to explore these vast circumstances in the search for insight and inspiration. Our unique process is enriched by connecting a project to more extensive references of culture, science, technology, art and landscape.

By resisting preconceived ideas, we tap into a spectrum of investigation that continually inspires the design process. This exploration complements our communicative nature and intuitive project management, ensuring we complete projects within proposed budget and deadlines.


Initial research informs, influences and defines how we approach a project. Most importantly, it puts the users’ experience at the forefront of our thinking, giving us an insight into how to create a lasting impact on the viewer. Setting our sights on producing a permanent and tangible impression will ultimately give your proposal the edge over your competitors.

We let our collected knowledge set the pace; asking and listening before acting. We place great importance in continual research and exploration of the opportunities it presents. We entwine learning into our creative culture; investigating isn’t merely another step in the process, it’s the fuel that keeps us moving forward.


We use 3D Modelling to put shape to ideas and explore possibilities around shape and space. It also affords us freedoms of form and gives our clients’ clarity. It enables our process to be iterative and responsive, adapting to change continually. 3D modelling allows us to build on ideas and explore possibilities with a keener eye.

Change doesn’t compromise our design; it enriches it. Each model we produce is a digital prototype of our problem-solving approach. Ultimately, we use modelling as a communicative tool as much as a design one, allowing us to collaborate more meaningfully with you.


Collaboration is instinctive, and partnership is integral to what we do and how we do it. Shaping our every action from inquiry to the result, rather than reserving collaboration for specific project stages. We continue to question, listen and discuss, nurturing an environment that’s open and inclusive. The clients we work with are like-minded and driven by the same values and vision as ourselves. And so, this collaboration strengthens the role of design.


Adopting cutting-edge design technologies has allowed us to forge new ways and take a fresh perspective, therefore design better. One of the major obstacles you’ll face is trying to communicate a three-dimensional concept with a two-dimensional representation. VR technology has rewritten how digital designs materialise, and we’ve become fluent in that language, so you don’t have to be.

DomiFormi has invested a considerable amount of resources into sourcing the best equipment thus being able to accomplish a product that is smooth and dynamic. Using the best technology enables us to do exceptional things on your behalf. We currently employ very powerful gaming computers and Render Farm with the most advance Hardware and Software. We use the latest VR headsets including Oculus, HTC and Samsung Gear VR.